I had my first ever Reiki session with Scarlett last summer it was deeply relaxing and lifted my mood for the next week. Whilst individual sessions are always different these themes have been a regular feature. I strongly recommend Scarlett as a Reiki practitioner.
— R. C.
After finishing Scarlett’s meditation class the word peace rests within my body. Her calming voice gently guides you through a beautiful meditation helping you find your inner peace. Whether your a beginner meditator or been doing it for years, your sure to learn something new about yourself. I very much recommend this class if you wish to seek relaxation, knowledge and purity.
— C. S
I found my first Reiki session with Scarlett to be extremely healing and spiritually up-lifting. I felt so much better afterwards, that I have endeavoured to see her regularly since this time and I feel these sessions go a long way to promoting my peace of mind and sense of balance during a hectic and sometimes stressful time . Scarlett’s caring, reassuring and professional manner means that I wouldn’t want to see another practitioner as I feel I have stumbled upon the best care I could have found.
— B. S.
Scarlett is excellent for reiki- very adept at her job, professional and relaxed.
— D. C.
I can thoroughly recommend Reiki with Scarlett. She has a calming and gentle manner that is soothing from the start. Scarlett is knowledgeable in her engagement and in sharing the benefits that Reiki can offer. This experience provided a positive release of emotional blockages that had been affecting my mood and motivation at the time. I felt invigorated and uplifted following my session with Scarlett.
— D. V
Scarlett is really down to earth in her approach to meditation. I’ve learnt so much since I’ve been coming to her classes and it’s really helped me in different aspects of my life
— C. B.