Privacy policy

In this Privacy Policy, I describe how I collect, store and use your personal data. In compliance with GDPR all client data is stored securely. By personal data, I refer to any information that could be used to identify you, such as your name and contact details.

The following is the data I collect for those who enquire about counselling or become a client (please note, clinical notes and psychological questionnaires are only taken if you become a client).

  • Your name: we use this to identify you when contacting/addressing you, however, in other circumstances I will use only your initials to ensure confidentiality. 

  • Date of birth: I require this to identify you and in case of referral or emergency circumstance.

  • Your contact number and email address: I require your contact details to contact you about appointments.

  • Address: If I am unable to contact you via telephone or email, I may write to you. Alternatively but rarely, any official medical letters would be sent to you via post.

  • GP surgery: with your knowledge, in a circumstance where necessary for your wellbeing, I may need to contact your GP. 

  • Clinical notes: counsellors are required to keep brief notes, stored securely anonymously. They are kept to a minimum and are destroyed after 3 years. 

  • Psychological questionnaires: as a client, you may from time to time fill out a questionnaire at regular intervals throughout your counselling. This enables us to evaluate the effectiveness of our work together. Again, this is kept securely and anonymously.

I do not share client information with any third party. Confidentiality is an essential part of my work and your information is stored securely and professionally. I do not share my database with any other organisation.