Belgravia, London (£60)

If you’d like to see me in central London I offer fortnightly sessions which are £60 per 50mins session (average £120 per month). My location is a short walk from London Victoria Station. I can also offer top-up Skype sessions for those who would like therapy more regularly.

Bromley, Kent (£40)

If you’d like to see me locally, I offer weekly sessions which are £40 per 50mins session (average £160 per month).

Number of sessions

Many clients ask how many session they may need. This is always difficult to answer, as it depends on how many issues we are exploring and healing may not always be a straightforward process. However, I work ethically and respectfully and appreciate that therapy is an investment of both your time and money. Therefore, I will continuously review our work to see where you are with the therapy. If you are limited to how much you are able to spend financially, I can offer short term work (i.e. 6 sessions). Alternatively, if you feel you would like to work more long term with me, to explore things in more depth, this is something I can support you with too. You’re free to also arrange a one off appointment to see if I can help and to see if I feel like the right therapist for you.