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Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Retreat
27th Jul 2017- 29th Jul 2018

Join us for a weekend of stress relief, movement and relaxation. Lottie, Emily and Scarlett are friends and teachers who have brought their expertise together for this unique retreat. Get away to the countryside and prepare to feel refreshed and re-energised. 

What's included

The weekend features over 8 classes, workshops, treatment availability + more! Learn and practice pilates, yoga and meditation with us in this beautiful setting. From the moment you join us we'll be helping you to leave the stress of every day life behind and the 3 of us will be on hand all weekend to answer your questions and help make your stay truly incredible. We're all about balance, which means our approach to healthy living isn't strict or unachievable. It's about taking care of your mind and body, learning new things AND having fun. 

This package includes all of your healthy nutritious food, classes, workshops and accommodation (treatments and 1-2-1's can be booked for an additional cost).


Tilton House is tucked away in the South Downs National Park (within 90 minutes of London, the nearest train station is Lewes). During your retreat, you will have the chance to enjoy the South Downs, practicing in the outside yurt, relaxing in a hammock, walking in the downs, visiting Charleston, enjoying treatments or unwinding in the cedar wood sauna. 


Early bird £450pp or £480pp. Treatments and 1-2-1's can be booked at an additional cost. 

How to book 

If you would like to book your place or find out more information, email (max number of space for this retreat is 12).

About Us


Before becoming a yoga instructor, Emily trained and worked as a professional ballet and contemporary dancer. Emily has toured all across Europe with the Danish Dance Theatre and she has been involved in a number of creative collaborations in the U.K. Emily was initially drawn to the physical benefits of yoga, however as soon as she started to practice regularly, Emily realised that the spiritual teachings and calming qualities were by far the greatest benefits to her. After qualifying, it was her ambition to share the love and passion she held for yoga with the aim of making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone- regardless of age or ability. 

Find out more info about Emily here:



Lottie has been teaching Pilates in London for 4 years and has made a name for herself amongst the health and fitness scene with her blog, instagram and youtube channel. Featuring in a range of magazines, working with various brands and teaching at events, exhibitions and launches. Lottie is also a holistic health coach and writes about wellbeing in an honest relatable way on her blog  

Lottie's Pilates classes are fun, dynamic and more challenging than they look. You'll be worked from head to toe stengthening and stretching as well as improving posture, coordination and core stability. On the retreat, Lottie will be teaching you Pilates daily and will be there to answer any questions you have about Pilates, health, fitness and having a balanced lifestyle. Feel free to book in some one to one time with Lottie on the retreat.   


Scarlett is a meditation teacher, reiki therapist and trainee counsellor. The focus of her work is on emotional and mental health and she works with clients to bring about positive change in these areas. Scarlett’s interest in this work started when she studied Psychology at University. After finishing her degree she decided to team her interest in the mind with spirituality and healing. Scarlett works at the Light Centre, Belgravia, amongst other London locations, find out more info here: