Where did your interest in this work begin?

I’ve always been fascinated with the mind and how it works. Our thought patterns, our behaviour, why we think the way we think or feel the way we feel- they’re all questions I’ve asked and wanted to learn more about. I took a degree in Psychology and Criminology and this really opened the door for me to pursue this interest.

After uni I wanted to find a way to team my interest in the mind with spirituality and healing. So I set off on a five-month journey exploring Asia, with the hope of training as a Reiki therapist. I ended up staying in Ubud, Bali, while I trained with a master of Reiki from the Canadian Reiki Association.

I’m now a qualified reiki therapist, meditation teacher and training to become a counsellor/psychotherapist.

What was it like training in Bali?

My time in Bali was an incredible experience. I’m really lucky to have met so many wonderful people and to be welcomed in to the Balinese culture. While I was there I began to understand how, for them, meditation and healing is part of their spiritual culture and doesn’t require the same leap of faith it often demands in the West.

During my training I also learnt about the more scientific side to the system; exploring the different brain waves reached in different states. This helped me to understand the concept of energy and working with energy, in its most physical terms. As a result, my approach to healing combines both perspectives.


Where are you based?

I live South East London/Kent border, so a lot of my work is in this area as well as central London. I also travel to different locations depending on where my clients are based.

What are you like as a teacher/therapist?

I’d describe myself as down to earth, open-minded and always willing to listen.

I really believe that the idea of putting teachers or therapists on a pedestal actually creates separation and a feeling that we’re somehow not good enough. A lot of people in the health and wellbeing industry can be guilty of this; we might imagine the perfect meditation teacher sitting on top of a mountain, enlightend, calm and at peace with the world. Yeah, that would be great but it’s unrealistic!

We’re all human and I think it can be good to know that we’re all on an ongoing journey.

What are your plans for the future?

My goal is to fully qualify as a counsellor this year and make this central to the work that I already do. I want to continue to run retreats in the coming years. I’m really lucky that some of my best friends work in the health and wellbeing industry too. Check out our retreat this August under the retreat page!